Professional hair care


The Joanna Professional Acidifying line was created to care for all hair types, and especially for hair subjected to alkaline treatments, such as coloring, lightening and perming. The products contain AcidPro, a compound which restores the pH of the hair, giving it a healthy look and a wonderful shine. Damaged cuticles are closed and color stabilized.


Cosmetic products for hair requiring special care, including hair weakened by styling treatments, hair prone to frizzing, and hair requiring appropriate nourishment. The line contains one of the most valuable essential oils in the world – argan oil – with unique regenerative properties. The products smooth the hair fiber and facilitate combing, making the hair look healthy, soft and smooth.


Our Universal line is for professional care of all types of hair, available in two great fragrances: juicy pineapple or fresh scent. The product formulas are enriched with ceramides and provitamin B5, which protect hair fibers and provide adequate moisturization. Discover perfect hair care!


Designed for all types of hair. It contains a cleansing compound, that is, an exceptionally effective set of ingredients with powerful cleaning properties. The compound prepares freshens and nourishes the hair and prepares it for further styling treatments, all without weighing it down.
Products from the line


Unfortunately, grey and blond hair often taken on an unpleasant yellowish color. To remedy this, reach for the Joanna Professional Color revitalizing line. The products perfectly neutralize the yellowish color and give a slightly cold, ashen hue, gradually increasing from use to use. Thanks to special formulas enriched with protective microproteins, hair gain a wonderful glow and the color you’ve always dreamed of!


These products are intended for care of matte, brittle, damaged hair. The repair line contains the keratin, which recognizes and effectively restores the most damaged areas on the surface of the hair. After treatment, you can enjoy stronger, more flexible hair.


A line designed for weak, thin hair damaged by frequent styling treatments. The cosmetic formulas are enriched with milk proteins, which smooth the hair and give it a wonderful softness and flexibility.

SILK line

Joanna Professional Smoothing line is designed for use on dry, damaged hair after styling treatments. The product formulas contain hydrolyzed silk, ensuring adequate moisturization. The Smoothing line provides comprehensive care and leaves hair smooth, soft, glossy and healthy.


With formulas enriched with a UV filter to protect against the harmful effects of solar radiation, these products wonderfully emphasize the deep color of your hair, at the same time effectively improving its condition and appearance. They also make hair easier to untangle, and have an otherworldly scent of ripe cherry. May your hair regain its long-lost glow!


Every woman dreams of a lush and beautiful hairstyle. The Volumizing line includes products for thin, flat and delicate hair. A special formula based on the Volume’Up complex significantly increases the volume of hair from the very roots, while marine collagen intensely moisturizes and strengthens the structure of the hair. Your hairstyle will gain a brilliant shape, and your hair will be shiny and healthy.