Color Sprays

Pastel Color on all your hair or just the ends? The choice is yours! Color Spray is a product for people who like change. It takes just a moment to change your image – that’s it. See how simple it is. Color lasts up to 3 washes. This product is recommended for blond, natural or lightened hair.
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Fluo Color - NEW

Create your look! Intense color all over your hair, at the ends or highlights? The choice is yours! Fluo color is a line of semi-permanent coloring dyes. The color stays on your hair for a minimum of 15 washes and is visible immediately after application. Our products do not contain any bleaching agents or ammonia, which makes them work gently within the structure of the hair. The best effect is achieved on very light blonde, light blonde and bleached hair. A small sachet makes the product comfortable and easy to use.
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Multi Blond Lighteners

Apparently, gentlemen prefer blondes ... see for yourself by applying one of our lightening products. Proven formulas, affordable prices and, above all, the trust of many satisfied clients make these products are among the most popular on the market.

Multi Cream Color

Do you dream of a radiant hair with an elegant, durable color? Do you value hair care during the treatment process as well as enjoyable and convenient use? It is for you that our laboratory has developed a new hair color series - Multi Cream Color.
Thanks to modern technology and innovative ingredients, Multi Cream Color dyes provide incredible shine, durable color, and perfect grey cover. The rich formula is designed to ensure your hair a unique combination of protection and intensive care during the coloring process. This ensures it remain in great condition, gaining vitality and a silky shine.
In each package you will find also a mask with keratin, which nourishes your hair, giving it a healthy glow and facilitating combing. An important added advantage of the Multi Color Cream range is a special bottle with an applicator which makes it easy to prepare the colorant mixture. The perfect dense texture means the cream reaches every single strand of hair yet doesn’t drip, and a specially-selected fragrance composition makes the application process enjoyable.
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MULTI EFFECT COLOR Instant color shampoo

Do you like changes without any consequences? Would you like to change like a chameleon: a cool blond today, then a fiery redhead or sensual brunette tomorrow? Our range of Multi Effect Color shampoos are the color additives for you! You can run wild with the colors, without causing damage, as the shampoos leave hair in good condition. The products do not contain ammonia or oxidants, while the included keratin complex moisturizes and nourishes the hair. After treatment, your hair will have a lively, brilliant color that lasts from 4 to 8 washes. The shampoos are also a great way to quickly and conveniently to refresh the color between treatments.
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Multi Soft Color

Do you like your hair color, but wish you could highlight it or change it slightly? Would you like to keep it in longer, but are afraid of damaging your hair? In that case, the Multi Soft Color range is just for you! Multi Soft Color is a line of modern color shampoos intended primarily for those who want to keep their hair healthy and give it a beautiful, luminous color. Its just the line for you!
The products do not contain ammonia, so they’re gentle on your hair. The formula contains Multi color+- complex, a specially selected conditioning ingredient, as well as UV filter, together ensuring optimal hair care. The modern formula of the shampoo gives your hair a natural, luminous and deep color which lasts for up to 24 washes. Multi Soft Color color shampoos are great for quick, comfortable, secure coloring.
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Naturia BLOND lighteners

Want to become a bright, sensual blonde? Reach for the Naturia blond range of lighteners, thanks to which you can achieve a long-lasting, even with very bright hair.
Proven formulas, affordable prices and, above all, the trust of many satisfied clients make these products are among the most popular on the market.

Naturia Color

Do you dream of having the most beautiful natural colors in your hair? Simply reach for one of the 24 shades of Naturia color color cream and give your hair an exceptionally beautiful, deep, long-lasting color that perfectly conceals your grey.
The color cream formula contains natural ingredients such as peach extract and milk proteins. Peach is a rich source of vitamins and mineral salts, which tone and regenerate the hair. Milk proteins moisturize and nourish the hair fiber.
After the treatment, colored hair regains its softness and resilience, with a deep color, a beautiful shine and a healthy look.
Thanks to a high quality formula, Naturia color is one of the most popular color creams on the Polish market and has earned the loyalty of millions of women.
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Naturia Organic

The Naturia Organic line of color creams was developed specifically for those with sensitive and allergy-prone skin, who need non-irritating products with mild formulas.
These color creams do not contain irritating ingredients such as ammonia, parabens, silicones and PPD. Ammonia is replaced with monoethanolamine, and silicones with polyquaternium 22, an aqueous polymer with a highly stable pH. It extended color durability and is ideal for dry hair and hair subjected to chemical treatments.
The color creams are enriched with organic argan oil, which cares for the hair even during the coloring process! Long-lasting colors, perfect coverage, and care for sensitive skin. Find out about the fabulous properties of Naturia Organic color creams!
Research has proven that Naturia Organic color creams leave hair more moisturized and nourished, and exceptionally shiny.
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Naturia Soft Color Instant color shampoos

Perhaps every woman dreams of true metamorphosis, and nothing improves mood as much as a new hair color. Discover the ideal solution for women who like changes and go for convenience. Naturia Soft Color color shampoos offer safe coloring which lasts from 4 to 8 washes.
The mild formula contains no ammonia in the oxidants, so it is safe for your hair. A multivitamin compound moisturizes and nourishes. Hair gain a healthy glow and an intense depth of color. Check for yourself and see how easily you can get a new hair color!
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Pastel color - NEW

Pastel color all over your hair or just at the ends? The choice is yours! Pastel color is a line of semi-permanent coloring dyes. The color stays on your hair for a minimum of 15 washes and is visible immediately after application. Our products do not contain any bleaching agents or ammonia, which makes them work gently within the structure of the hair. The best effect is achieved on very light blonde, light blonde and bleached hair. A small sachet makes the product comfortable and easy to use.
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Ultraplex Color

Ultraplex Color is an innovative color cream which joins permanent hair coloring with the modest technology of rebuilding and hair regeneration. Two simple steps that will give your hair a new intense color and a healthy look. The line consist of 12 colours.
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Argan oil

The argan oil line is a line of products designed specifically to care for dry, weak, brittle hair, hair with split ends, and hair which has proven difficult to revive and restore to a beautiful appearance. The formulas of the cosmetics are based on one of the most valuable hair care ingredients, argan oil, also called the ‘liquid gold of Morocco.’ Argan oil is derived from organic sources and is the most valued oil in the world in terms of its nutritional properties. Is produced from the fruit of the argan tree, which only grows in one place in the world – southwestern Morocco. Since ancient times, argan oil has been used for skin and hair care, and is now also available in our latest line of cosmetics and hair care products, the argan oil line.

Cannabis Seed - NEW

Moisturizing - strengthening line of products with hemp seed extract is recommended for delicate and sensitized hair. The formulas of the cosmetics have been developed for their active ingredients to work in synergy, enhancing the beneficial effect of the product on the hair.

Charcoal - NEW!

Detoxifying product line with active charcoal is recommended for all types of hair, including hair prone to greasiness. The innovative formula of products nourishes hair and scalp facilitating their return to the right level of hydration.
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Hyaluronic series

A new, revolutionary series. Designed for hair in need of regeneration. The unique cosmetic formulas are enriched with hyaluronic acid, which penetrates the hair and makes it light and smooth as never before.

Hypoallergenic hair series

Forget about irritation and skin allergies. Our hypoallergenic products were designed with your demanding skin in mind Dermatologically tested, they provide your skin with adequate protection.
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Does your hair crumble and break? Is it rough, tangled, and lacking vitality and a healthy appearance? Regenerate it with products containing keratin - the building block of hair! All products from the Keratin series contain an innovative keratin complex, which intelligently recognizes and strengthens the most damaged areas on the surface of the hair, restoring lost keratin. Keratin is an extremely durable protein and is the basic building block of the hair structure. If it is lacking, hair becomes porous and brittle.

Naturia Family Hair Care – NEW!

Naturia Family is a line of hair shampoos in the new, family capacity – 750 ml. Variants of shampoos providing optimal care for the most popular types of hair. Crystal clear shampoos are enriched with natural extracts and ensure that hair of your all family will shine with natural beauty.
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Naturia hair

Naturia is a wide line of cosmetic products for hair and scalp care. These products are enriched with natural extracts which providing optimal care for various types of hair. Crystal clear shampoos, creamy conditioners and a wealth of masks ensure that your hair will shine with natural beauty.

Power hair

Do you realize our hair has many ways of letting us know what’s wrong? One troubling symptom is excessive hair loss. For the sake of the health and beauty of your hair, we’ve created a new line – Power Hair – for weak, thin, loss-prone hair. Studies have shown using Power Hair products significantly improves the condition of the hair. A healthy and robust appearance is restored, growth is stimulated and hair loss is reduced. Learn about the effective treatment for your hair!

Power hair for men

Power Hair for men is a series designed to care for men’s hair. Carefully selected ingredients create a unique formula that provides long-lasting results.
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Silk... a luxurious, soft fabric, the symbol of softness, smoothness, and captivating lightness ... Wouldn’t any of us like to have such hair? Now it’s possible, thanks to our new line of hair care products. Discover how four unique products will make your hair as soft as... silk.
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Traditional recipe

Drawing from years of experience and the wisdom of generations deeply rooted in traditional medicine, we’ve created the Traditional Recipe line of hair care products. Created on the basis of the most carefully-selected natural ingredients, the products can alleviate problems with your hair and scalp.


The Turnip series is a modern cosmetic line based black turnip and herbal extracts, long known and valued in traditional medicine. The Turnip series products are parapharmaceuticals designed for oily, delicate, fragile, dandruff- and loss-prone hair. They help to effectively resolve hair and scalp problems, reducing sebum production and the accompanying dandruff and itchiness.

Ultra color system

Do you dream of a platinum shine, or a fiery gleam in your hair? Do you need cosmetics which provide your hair with proper care and emphasize its clarity of color?


Ultraplex is an innovative hair regeneration system developed to care for hair during home lightening and coloring treatments. This breakthrough product restores the disulfide bonds within the hair which are responsible for strength and resilience, allowing the hair to be kept in much better condition.

Double protection

Dual Protection are perm lotions for lovers of curls and waves. The effective product formulas offer a quick and convenient perm. Double Protection lotions guarantee natural, touchable curls that last for several months.

Naturia curls

Naturia curls perm liquids are an excellent choice for women who like natural ingredients and dream of waves and curls. Preparations contain proteins and herbal extracts which condition hair during the perming process.

Eyebrow & eyelash Tint

Henna eyebrow and eyelash color cream gently dyes, providing long-lasting color and enhancing the length and density of lashes. It highlights the clarity of the eyes and gives eyebrows the ideal shape.
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Eyelash stimulating serum was carefully designed to strengthen, lengthen and thicken your lashes. It is especially recommended for those with weak, short or damaged lashes. The serum contains innovate active ingredients that significantly improve the condition and appearance of lashes. The first results can be observed after just 3 weeks of regular use. After 6-months of treatment, your lashes achieve a new look – longer, thicker and full of life.

Styling effect

Styling Effect is a comprehensive, modern line of hair styling products. The line includes fixing, smoothing and glossing products, as well as products for curls. The diversity of the product line means everyone will find something for herself. See which product is right for you!

Styling effect fluorescent line

The well-known Styling Effect line has been extended with new hair styling products. The fluorescent line includes 7 modern styling products with a colorful, eye-catching graphic design. The series is dedicated to younger, more demanding customers who go for what’s new and innovative, and who aren’t afraid of bold styles. Funky, extreme hairstyles, only with the fluorescent line!