Botanicals for Home Spa - NEW!

Botanicals for Home Spa is a series of products for comprehensive body care with selected plant extracts that have a beneficial effect on the skin. The series consists of three fragrance lines, each with a different active ingredient: black rose, oat milk and hemp. Each line provides comprehensive body care, offering: shower gel, peeling, body balm and hand cream.
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Fruit fantasy body

Experience the enchanting aroma of juicy fruit! Make your body care ritual pleasant and enthralling, so it evokes the sweetest memories! Reach for the fantastic Fantasy Fruit series and feel true refreshment!
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Hyaluronic body series

A new, revolutionary series. Designed for skin in need of regeneration and moisturization. A unique, advanced form of hyaluronic acid restores the skin's natural balance.

Hypoallergenic body series

Forget about irritation and skin allergies. Our hypoallergenic products are designed with your demanding skin in mind. Dermatologically tested, they provide your skin with adequate protection.
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Naturia Body

Naturia body is a line of cosmetics for body care. These products allow you to discover the beauty of your body with the help of natural extracts known for their beneficial properties. We offer also facial care products which offer you pleasant hydration and a healthy, glowing complexion.


Naturia Family Bubble bath – it’s a new bubble bath available in a new family size – 750ml. Carefully selected components provide gentle cleansing of the skin and body care for the whole family. Bubble bath has a pleasant consistency, they foam well and smell pleasantly, providing a relaxing and aromatic bath.
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Dermatological products from the Oillium series offer a unique composition of ingredients designed to care for children’s delicate skin.
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Oils of the World

Oils of the World are an absolute cosmetic hit! Find out about the beneficial properties of essential oils based on natural ingredients rich in micronutrients and vitamins! Essential oils will make your skin firm, vivacious and pleasant to the touch.
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Prebiotic line

Prebiotic Series products were specially developed for people with skin problems, allergies, and sensitive skin. The formulas are based on the delicate detergents enriched with soothing and protective substances, and substances which support development of beneficial bacterial flora. The products do not contain parabens, dyes, soaps, allergens, SLES and SLS, and so are much gentler to the skin. Additionally, the products contain prebiotics and other active substances that nourish easily-irritated skin.


Our new lines of scrubs are environment friendly, but they also provide proper hygiene and body care. The granules contained in them are ecological and fully biodegradable. The product series consists of twelve fine scrubs. In the line you will find two peels with balm (smoothing and nourishing), as well as ten peels with cleansing and smoothing properties. Cosmetics are additionally enriched with natural nutrients.
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Sensual Body

Your skin deserves special treatment – feel it with all your senses! The specially-selected formulas of Sensual series body care products highlight the natural beauty of your body and ensure a truly sensual experience, with enchanting results.

Power men

Power Men is a series designed to care for men’s skin. Carefully selected ingredients create a unique formula that provides long-lasting results.